Classes and Workshops:

18-30 April 2016, Don Bosco International School, India
DBIS, Mumbai, invited me to introduce Mindfulness and Yoga as part of the School Curriculum. Was honoured to train the staff and give a few introductory classes to the parents in Sun Salutations and Yoga Nidra. Kudos to the visionary management to join the elite list of global pioneering schools. Click here to read more.

21 June 2015, JLT – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
As a tribute to all my patient teachers, the Prime Minister of India for starting the International Yoga Day and the Rulers of UAE for declaring 2015 - the year of innovation, I decided to stay in the king of asanas (Shirsasana). Managed to clock 1hour, 1 minute and have submitted documents to the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest headstand. Click here to view image.

27 May 2015, World Peace Bank, India
Swami Vishnu, the founder of Sivananda yoga, created the World Peace Bank in a cave in the Himalayas at 4200 metres. Was invited by a handful of Peace Ambassadors to deposit Shanti mantras from all over the world, into the Bank. The 15-hour trek included rock-climbing, crawling on all fours, clinging to grass and shrubs, crossing patches of powdery snow and freestyle abseiling.

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